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World Resources Game: Welcome Sequence Storyboards

Storyboards for Interactive Touchscreens


ORGANIZATION   Kahramaa Awareness Park, Doha Qatar
TYPE   Interactive Exhibit Design

POSITION   In-house Graphic Designer at MCM Group
PROJECT ROLE   Interactive Art Direction (Storyboard, Artwork, and Team Collaboration)
SOFTWARE   Illustrator, Photoshop

BACKGROUND   Collaborated with our interactive team in China, to conceptualize, produce, test and install 21 touchscreen games, quizzes and interactive pieces, for the museum exhibits and experiences for the Kahramaa Awareness Park (KAP) in Doha, Qatar. All exhibits and experiences were in Arabic and English.

Along with Cloe Yun, an interactive and motion designer, I took the scripts and designed storyboards, to illustrate the visual, motion, and interactive elements/instructions. We took these storyboards and worked closely with our colleagues in China, our 3D, and interactive designers/programmers. We collaborated with our stateside illustrator to draw 2D poses that our 3D animators modeled and rendered for the software.

Partnered closely with translators in Qatar for the script and cultural insight to appeal to the target audience, Qatari school children 5-18 years old.

I also created vector artwork used in the final pieces. It was important to have all the interactive quizzes and games be consistent in tone, feel and voice, to bring alive the story of the KAP characters.

“MCM Group won the international tender from the Qatar National Electric and Water Agency to design and build the interactive exhibitions and attractions for this futuristic educational exploratorium promoting sustainable living practices. Attractions include a 3D dome theater, interactive exhibits, an educational dark ride, and a host of dynamic features incorporating digital and dancing fountains, augmented reality exhibits, and a visitor tracking and reward system.” – MCM Group’s website.

Various Interactive Game Screen Captures