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Responsive High Fidelity Prototype


ORGANIZATION   MCM Group International, Long Beach, CA
TYPE   Website Redesign and Prototype

PROJECT ROLE UX, UI, Visual Designer
SOFTWARE  Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress
SKILL  Handcode HTML + CSS; Integrate plug-ins



Worked closely with stakeholders to design the visual aspects, and develop a working responsive prototype, as a communicative creative, and technical tool. Then shared the prototype with our Beijing counterparts, so they could develop the Chinese website as approved by US headquarters. Collaborated remotely with the Beijing team through chats and email. The prototype utilized the latest web technologies, along with the new company branding.

Part of collaborating with the Beijing marketing team included defining the type of roles (resources) needed to develop and maintain the site on their end since it will be in Chinese (their audience’s language), and our Beijing office will be the one’s maintaining the site’s content after its development.

Our Beijing counterpart recruited a local web developer to administer and set up the domain and hosting and develop the site.  The country of China has domain registry requirements for business websites that were best performed and verified locally. The prototype showed how the website should interact with users on a macro and micro level, and how the website should look depending on the sections and users’ devices.

The plan is to continually collaborate with our Beijing office, after the initial build, to iterate their site, then fully launch it.

Tablet View

“MCM Group International is an award-winning studio of planners and architects dedicated to designing inspiring places to live, work, shop, and play. Our company mission is to create exciting, innovative designs that work economically, are environmentally sustainable, and form meaningful life experiences.”, as mentioned on MCM Group’s website.