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MCM Group International Website


ORGANIZATION   MCM Group International, Long Beach, CA
TYPE   Website (Design, Build, and Maintain)

POSITION  Creative at MCM Group
PROJECT ROLE  Web Designer
SOFTWARE  Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress
SKILL  Handcode HTML + CSS



While collaborating with our Beijing team on project one, to refresh the company’s Chinese website to align with the new branding (Check out the prototype that we developed to collaborate with them), uprooted the inner workings of our stateside site in the meantime, project two.

For project two, the uprooting effort of the stateside site focused on two goals. The first goal aimed to showcase MCM’s vast body of work in a clean, easy way, using current technologies and best practices. We simply wanted the visitor to have an easy experience, with clear means to access projects and services. We wanted the visitors’ interactions to feel intuitive on different devices. The second goal aimed to secure the site from malicious phishers, by applying diversified methods to secure and track site activity.

Since 2012, maintained MCM Group’s online presence. As an inherited site, investigated how it was built and the different plug-ins and technical/branding nuances, working closely with the CEO, writers, and their Beijing counterparts. Dived into WordPress, updating and creating content, using WordPress’s editing interface, along with hand-coded HTML and CSS.

“MCM Group International is an award-winning studio of planners and architects dedicated to designing inspiring places to live, work, shop, and play. Our company mission is to create exciting, innovative designs that work economically, are environmentally sustainable, and form meaningful life experiences.”– MCM Group’s website.