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Guiding visitors’ museum experience through posts, totems and wall graphics.

Planning + Guiding
Visitor Experience


ORGANIZATION   Kahramaa Awareness Park, Doha Qatar
TYPE   Wayfinding Planning + Design

POSITION   In-house Graphic Designer at MCM Group
PROJECT ROLE   Lead Graphic Designer
SOFTWARE   Illustrator, Photoshop



I got a chance to work with User Experience Design in the physical environment through MCM Group’s involvement for the Kahramaa Awareness Park in Doha, Qatar. For the museum, the water and power conservation initiative, Tarsheed, expanded their characters from two, to five, to represent various resources and concepts.

I started with studying the museum plans, identifying exhibits, their locations and the flow of the visitors starting from the check-in, through the museum floors and leaving out from the check-out. The underlying story welcomes youths to explore water and energy from science, social, historical, cultural and proactive perspectives. The wayfinding elements guide the visitors’ linear experience, by letting them know where they are and what to expect next, using color, text and theme cues, consistently, clearly and conspicuously. As the visitor interacts with each exhibit, the experience leads the visitors to think about water and energy, in their own daily lives and prompts them to set goals to meet to lower their footprint on the planet.

From studying the story, I planned the type, location, orientation, the content/text, color meaning for each sign. Working closely with our project lead, architects, fabricator, translators and vendors, designed flow designs, confirmed wording and translations, conceptualize area theme color and information system and determined materials. I prepared the designs for client approvals and final print production.

“MCM Group won the international tender from the Qatar National Electric and Water Agency to design and build the interactive exhibitions and attractions for this futuristic educational exploratorium promoting sustainable living practices. Attractions include a 3D dome theater, interactive exhibits, an educational dark ride, and a host of dynamic features incorporating digital and dancing fountains, augmented reality exhibits, and a visitor tracking and reward system.”, as mentioned on MCM Group’s website.