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About site


I wanted timely updates and a secure site with a framework lending to customization and portfolio management. I needed the flexibility to customize HTML, CSS, some PHP, and javascript.

WordPress provided the perfect environment for my needs, with various plug-ins and third-party apps to customize. I felt I could focus on the content better, with the plug-ins helping, from basic maintenance tasks like software and plug-in updates and site backup to functional jobs like encoding email, searching and replacing text globally, and linking redirection. Other plug-ins made interactivity easier to implement, like the Safe SVG plug-in, the Responsive Flipbook, and the dynamic grid builder.

I customized the styles and markup with WordPress’ nifty Twenty Twenty-three theme, along with WPBakery Page Builder, and Groovy Menu. Third-party plus themes helped with templating, media, and content organization/presentation.

The Look and Feel

My site derives its colors, feel and form from my logo based on complementary layers, colors, highlights, and transparency. Roboto and Roboto Condensed lend to easy reading and are widely available being a Google font. The letter shapes are wide, crisp, have lots of white space to keep your eyes flowing. Altogether, my site hopes you find it approachable and clean.

I hope the site’s micro-interactions keep you engaged and give you a pleasant, easy experience. I’m looking forward to implementing subtle interactions to give you a sense of the system’s current status in the heavier-loaded areas.

Archived sites

Previous elainenimo.com

View previous version.

Background on Archived elainenimo.com Versions

Find out a little about past elainenimo.com versions, the aesthetics, design, and technology throughout the years.

I’m sentimental about past versions of elainenimo.com, so I put up an area to remember them.

Reminiscing on the work that went into each site, I see the shifts in technology and aesthetics regarding front-end design and trends. It’s amusing and amazing to see web technologies evolve via form and function.

Visit the site’s history from 1998 – 2010 here.