Profile Design Experiences

MCM Group

Long Beach, CA
1/2013 – Present

Designer / Technologist

12/2016 – Present
Design print and digital deliverables for company marketing/visibility as well as external architecture and planning projects. Maintain, upgrade, and enhance technology and communications infrastructure.


Senior Designer/Art Director

1/2013 – 12/2016
Conceptualized and designed digital and print graphic material for marketing, bids, and projects. Communicated across teams to effectively organize, create, and deliver intricate pieces, including food packaging, wayfinding signage, branding, illustrations, print advertisements, web, video, character development, and 3D visualization.

Key Engagements:
Museum: Exhibits, Interior, and Signage

Developed, designed, and provided art direction for Kahramaa Awareness Park in Qatar. Created the visuals for print, digital, and interactive pieces, including augmented reality, videos, interior, and signage.

Storyboarded and oversee the development of animations and interactive lessons/games and kiosks. Collaborated with teams in the USA, China, and Qatar. Completed 15% under budget and ahead of schedule.

Website Prototype

Designed a website prototype for MCM Group International reflecting enhanced website technologies and new company branding. Consulted with stakeholders and collaborated with Beijing teammates.

Oversee Web Design and Technology

including domains, hosting, and maintenance. Reduced costs by 56%, speeding site loading time by 400% via identifying issues and initiating solutions.

MCM Agriculture: Food Packaging Designs

Developed various packaging concepts for MCM Super Nuts™ and MCM Super Berries™, targeting China’s retail consumers in the convenience and supermarket categories.

Each concept targeted different and specific audiences, exploring various packaging materials, sizes and types.

MCM Agriculture Website

Maintain the website for the U.S. based agricultural services company that serves the Chinese market.

Garfield World Children Center

Part of the team that developed various children’s education and edutainment projects in China. Worked on the visual branding, including style guides, visualizations, and production artwork. Fashioned the spaces in SketchUp, applying materials (colors and patterns) based on the style guides we created and the 3D models that our architects produced from their AutoCAD files.

The Qingdao Vanke Center launched the first Garfield World in China.

Long Beach, CA

Creative Designer

Develop visual branding systems, artwork, and layouts, including logos, typography, and imagery, applied to business cards, letterhead, email signatures, digital assets, marketing material, and online invitations.

Versed in HTML and CSS, within various frameworks.

AECOM Government Group
Orange, CA

Web Design Consultant

Information Architecture, Wireframe and User Interface

For AECOM’s Government Group, consulted, gathered, and organized content. Took the information, designed high fidelity wireframes, and implemented them into the group’s intra/internet sections, collaborating with various departments, engaging Director and Vice President.

Worked in Vignette to update the group’s public and employee-facing presence in an organized and thoughtful manner, adhering to brand and web style guides.

Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Senior Web Designer

I worked on projects with various internal groups of a 43,000 employee global infrastructure firm in the Corporate Communications group.

Key Engagements:
Corporate Internet Development Team

I designed high-fidelity wireframes, color, and style guides for stakeholders and the team, including the homepage.

Assisted in the aggregation of content from various departments as a content creation task.

US Onboarding Website

Added new sections to the new employee website, Welcome to AECOM, learning the new environment, working closely with Corporate IT Web Services.

Provided high-fidelity wireframes. Dove into the code to produce the front-end employee-facing pages.

Corporate Communications Email Program

Contributed to the redesign of the Corporate Communications email announcements by researching and testing technologies and vendors and recommending email delivery processes to create templates, manage, and distribute internal communications.

The task considered consistent branding, cost, content creator usability, and load to their audience’s devices/software.

Corporate Communications and Human Resources’ online material

Designed and implemented groups’ online material, including web banners and landing pages.

Worked closely with various departments to develop, design, and update their internet content using Sharepoint and Vignette.

Earth Tech
Long Beach, CA

Senior Web Designer

I proactively served various business groups and teams with web-related projects at an 8,000 employee international engineering and infrastructure firm in the Creative Services department under Marketing.

Key Engagements:
Formed Good Relationships

I collaborated with Web Services, Corporate Communications, Human Resources, and many national and global groups.

I designed and maintained public-facing and intranet websites and online visual content, like email newsletters, announcements, templates, and custom layouts.

Earth Tech to AECOM Transition Team

I designed and coordinated public and employee-facing material to communicate the company’s transition into AECOM, sticking to tight deadlines.

Corporate Intranet Development Team

I learned Microsoft Sharepoint’s designer role functions. I designed high-fidelity wireframes and user journeys, devised style guides for stakeholder and team meetings. I produced sections and pages in the application by updating the CSS styles, HTML and setting up web parts.

My part in the team focused on creating an intuitive interface and applying the company’s branding to the new intranet.

Weekly Feature Article Imagery

I created illustrations and enhanced photos that accompanied and reflected weekly “Feature Articles” that the Internal Communications Director wrote.

These articles arrived into employee email inboxes and featured above the fold on the intranet’s homepage.

Business Technical Lead

I helped intranet site owners develop new sites, providing technical solutions. Some of the groups I worked with were Human Resources, Safety, Health and Environment, Policies and Procurement, Ethics, and the Federal.

Graphic/Technical Resource

I created a resource repository of How-to documentation for frequently requested procedures, held online and in-person group training sessions, and gave hands-on support working on their screens remotely.

Water & Power Technologies (WPT) Website Redesign

I led the Water & Power Technologies (WPT) website redesign, creating a “scope of work” to get all parties on the same page regarding the timeline, the phases, the requirements, and the people involved to stick to the business and branding goals and objectives.

I worked closely with the business lead to create the site’s architecture, wireframes and content. I directed my Creative Services colleagues to develop consistent visual elements and to produce the front-end.

I consulted with Web Services to understand the technical backend regarding the domain, hosting, and access.

Creative Services Intranet

I set up and maintained the Creative Services intranet area to promote our group’s capabilities, services, and post branding material resources.

CGX Point-of-Contact: User Flows and Implementation

I coordinated the technical and user experience between our vendor’s system and our marketing teams.

I created user flows to help stakeholders understand how our vendor’s print-on-demand service would connect with our intranet, and implemented the concept.

The objective aimed to have my colleagues print branded material with corporate-approved templates easily. I communicated with CGX for additional improvements after launch.

Verizon Superpages
Los Alamitos, CA

Web Specialist

Part of the iCare Team, I provided world-class phone and web design services to Verizon Superpages’ customers, primarily composed of small to medium-sized business owners. I focused on customer satisfaction.

Received compliments from our customers through iCare’s Raving Fan feedback. I really appreciated their positive comments!

Key Engagements:
Created and Maintained Custom Websites

I created and maintained custom websites on an online platform, encouraged business owner engagement, initiated content gathering, developed content (imagery and text), shared ideas of integrating calls to action to elicit audience engagement.

Added Features

Our iCare team offered custom webwork as an added feature, including hand-code HTML, CSS, javascript, DHTML, and Flash integration.

Search Engine Optimization

We also enhanced their sites for search engine optimization (SEO) through keywords, descriptions in the meta tags, and SEO-friendly copy. These custom features helped customers stand out amongst others in the directory.

Apollo Interactive
Culver City, CA

Web Designer / Art Director

Created online visual/interactive designs for highly visible clients at a prominent interactive agency, from web development and maintenance to art direction.

Designed and developed sites, animated gifs, email advertisements, newsletters, and banners.

See the list of clients that I have done projects for.

Key Engagements:
Visual and Interactive Standards

Established visual and interactive standards, aligning requirements/assets to brand.


Collaborated across various teams to develop public-facing deliverables.

Front-end Hand-coding

Hand-coded front-end development in both PHP and ASP.NET environments.

Intuitive User Interface

Applied best practices to conceptualize, design, and produce user interfaces (UI) for intuitive visitor experiences.

Clients that I’ve done work for at Apollo: